Defected Fairy Bottle…

Guess what everyone, I’m still alive, and I’m here with a fairy in a bottle in order to revive this dead blog!

I have an entry planned (something I made while visiting my aunt in Michigan), but I will be busy over the next few days, so I’m not sure when I’ll have time to write this entry. It will come in time though, I can promise you this.

I will be heading back down to Michigan to spend Christmas with my aunt’s family, so I’m sure I’ll have more entries to write when the time comes.

Look forward to them!


Mintea’s Cafe Adventures – CANADA (Part 1)

Feeling sad that I haven’t started a food blog earlier, I realized that there would be no way I could make an entry for all the places I have already went to and commented on.

As I have said on my introduction entry,
I also keep a cafe adventure FB page. Since it’s too tough to transfer the pictures and comments over, I have decided from now on to keep the reviews for cafes there and restaurants/possible cooking review here. If I upload any albums, I will notify you with a post. If there was a REALLY special cafe experience, I will write a detailed entry here.

Check it out if you love cafes, tea, coffee, and sweets!

I have recently just added the Canada-edition of my cafe adventures. (Most of the other albums were dedicated to Japan and Taiwan.) Really wish more people got to see it and go on cafe adventures too! Part two of the album is on it’s way.

Here’s a peek from some of my tasty encounters:

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More just came.

Hey everyone,

This blog, The Legend of Food, is becoming a joint blog, with me being the second blogger!
Don’t worry, the main course will still be dedicated mostly to reviewing (hopefully) tasty food, with some humour on the side.

I am Shiina Mint. You can call me Shiina, Minty, or whatever may suit your fancy. I love eating, collecting teacups, and travelling. I am especially obsessed with tea, going to cafes, and having extravagant afternoon teas :D Daniel is my best guy friend, and we met during high school.
While we both love food, we specialize and focus on different things – this you’ll find out as our blog progresses, hehe.

I judge a place by 3 things:
1) Ambiance/Service
2) Interior/Tea cups/Utensils
3) Food

For cafes, I will care much more about the ambiance and interior than I would for restaurants. For restaurants, I tend to focus more on the food. If I omit anything, it is probably because there is not much about it to mention. 

This is for fun, but we’re serious with food, so I hope you’ll enjoy reading our entries :D

This is all for now! Got a midterm tomorrow, haha.
Wish me luck!

P.S. Check out my cafe adventures on my Facebook page called Mintea’s Cafe Adventures if you’d like!
(Not sure how I’ll keep up with both, but we’ll see :) )

More to come.

Hi all,

This is hopefully the start of something yummy (and fun?). I guess some introduction is needed here.

My name is Daniel. I love food, video games, and traveling. This blog is mostly dedicated to reviewing tasty (hopefully? :D) food that I will eat, so I’d like to take a moment to go over how I will be reviewing the dishes that I put into my mouth. NOM

They will be categorized into 3 sections: Restaurant, Homemade, and Fast food. What I considered fast food is place that I do not need to sit down and wait for my food to get served to me. Some not so obvious examples are Harvey’s and Chipotle.

I hope you can see by now that this blog will be quite casual, so if you’re looking for professional bloggers, you’ve come to the wrong place. NOW GET OUT! (just kidding :D)

Well, I guess that is all for now! I hope you stick around!