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The previous FAV’D post is Ramen Jinya.

So much for one a day… I really don’t have an excuse for it. I was just lazy, and didn’t feel like writing this. Though this itself is an excuse…

Well, moving on…

After my meal at Ramen Jinya, we headed for waterfront, where the Olympic torch was since I’ve never seen the torch, yet. Can I just say that the Olympic torch was a lot more underwhelming than I had imagined/seen from other people’s pictures. I thought it was three times taller at least. This whale that I took a picture with was more interesting than the torch.

After more fooling around, we headed for our restaurant destination. Famoso. Famoso is a pizzeria located at 1380 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5L 3X6. They also have a website, too.

When we walked in, we saw a chalkboard asking us to seat ourselves, but the place was pretty full. I went to the back to see if there are seats, but there were no empty tables. When I go back to the front of the restaurant, however, I saw my friends being directed to an empty table. Apparently if we were too stupid to seat ourselves, they’ll come help out. That’s good service, right?

I really liked what they did with the menus and their ordering system. Each table has a probably what is custom made wooden holding container. Each container had the menus and an ordering form in it. On the container is also the table number. The menus are two pamphlets, the food and the drinks. The pamphlets were made out of high quality paper. The Food menu was taller than the drink menu, which was taller than the order form. When they were all stowed away in the container, one could see that they put in the effort into designing the menus. Once we had what we wanted to order chosen and written on the order form, we took it to the counter and order.

It’s night time and my first night here, so we’ve decided to drink some vodka italian soda. We each got a different flavour; I had the lemon while my two other friends had the peach and raspberry. It was pretty good, but it just tasted like soda. I could barely taste any vodka. I think that’s how the drink was suppose to be though.

We shared the full sized Gorgonzola Walnut Salad. I love salad with vinaigrette dressing. The gorgonzola cheese, the semi-dried cranberries and the walnut gave the salad extra flavour and texture. It was so simple, but so perfect. The lettuce was also very fresh. The bread however was hard to chew at though.

Since we were at a pizzeria, we had to get some pizzas. Our server also told us that their pizzas were baked at 900°F for 90 seconds, which hyped up the pizza even more. In the end, we got two pizzas to share.

The first pizza was the Capricciosa. According to the menu, it was a popular Italian standard. There were a lot of ingredients and flavours, but the pizza just fell short for me. I think it was because the flavours didn’t really blend well together, and therefore, lacked that surprise element in flavour.

The second pizza was one of those “create your own pizza” pizzas. We each chose a topping. My two friends chose pepperoni and roasted red peppers, and I thought to myself what would go well with those toppings… White Truffle Oil! Yea, I know, we could’ve made the pizza more colourful and appealing, but this was a perfect example of where the looks can be deceiving indeed. The pepperonis are crispy, but not burnt. The roasted red peppers didn’t stand out, but brought out the pepperonis even more. Then the truffle oil just made everything more delightful. This pizza was like a very good pepperoni pizza with peppers and truffle oil to bring out even more flavours.

I was very impressed with this restaurant. They really thought about their restaurant design and their food. The restaurant also filled up not very long after we sat down; the line was also out the door much like Ramen Jinya’s. The only thing I didn’t quite like about it was the pizza wasn’t very hot; it was just warm-ish hot, and I like my pizzas hot. I give Famoso a 8.5/10.

Sorry again for not updating yesterday… I really do hope that is the last time. :P

Until next dine,


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