Ramen Jinya – FAV’D – My first meal in Vancouver

Here we are! Our first instalment of FAV’D. For those of you who missed my previous post about FAV’D, please do go check it out to have a better understanding of what this is.

Anyways, since I arrived on a Saturday night, I didn’t get to do much that day. The next day, my friends and I went to see the Chinese New Years Parade put on by Vancity bank (a week late, but meh). The parade was alright, but fun nonetheless. We were all starving, so we head out to my first proper meal in Vancouver after many many years.

They took me to a place called Ramen Jinya; it is located at 270 Robson Street Vancouver, BC V6B0E7.

The place was very bright, and we didn’t need to wait at all to get seated. The place was pretty humid and small though. Good thing they were pretty good with getting the waters on the table.

Taking a quick look at the menu, nothing seems out of the ordinary. The Wonton Chicken Ramen did catch my attention as you don’t normally see wontons with ramen, but it wasn’t appealing enough for me to order it.

I figured that while I’m here, I needed to order their specialty, so I got the Tonkotsu Black Ramen. Tonkotsu is a special kind of ramen where the broth is pork bone, so it’s a lot thicker than the usual broth. I usually enjoy clear soup more than thick broths, but Tonkotsu is an exception (as long as it’s not too thick). Ramen took a while to come, but they constantly refilled our water, so I didn’t feel like I was dying in the confined restaurant.

The presentation was… could be better. The broth had good taste, but really thick, so it got a bit tiring towards the end. The pork slices were soft and not dry, and the broth went well with the pork slice (both being pork based). The ramen was good, but nothing really stood out except the egg. The egg was marinated and soft-boiled. The yolk had a golden yellow colour, still soft and a bit runny. It’s the same way as how Japan does their eggs. In case you haven’t noticed, I love eggs.

I thought Jinya marked a good start to my adventures in Vancouver. Though it wasn’t the best restaurant of all time, it was still decent. By the time we finished eating and left, the line was out the door. That said how popular the restaurant was and still is. I give Ramen Jinya a 7/10.

That’s all for today’s FAV’D. Check back tomorrow for another FAV’D as I share my experience in another restaurant in Vancouver.

Until next dine,


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