Valens – Winterlicious, the full on experience

The last backlogged Winterlicious post is finally here! For my last Winterlicious of this season, I went to a restaurant called Valens. It’s located at 19 Baldwin Street Toronto, ON M5T 1L1.

I arrived 15 minutes early, and I was also the only one in the restaurant (excluding the employees). I studied the menu while waiting for my friends to arrive since I got nothing else better to do. The menu, like EDO’s, was wrinkled and used, but I didn’t mind that because the menus were temporary ones anyways. They also pre-poured water for every table even if they were empty; I guess they know they’re popular or something. The restaurant was really hot, and my friends said the same thing as they walked into the restaurant. It was also made apparent from all the ice in the water melting at record speed.

I got the baked brie cheese crustini for appetizer because this was my third Winterlicious meal in a row, so I didn’t want to get soup again for the third time. Man, was it a good choice. I don’t think I’ve ever had brie cheese before (not that I recall), but the crustini was MMMM. Brie cheese are very strong and too creamy by itself, but that was why the fresh fruits (mango in this case) were there to counteract the cheese. I would like to eat this again if I go back to Valens.

The pan roasted chicken looked quite differently to how I had imagined it to be. This, however, was definitely better looking than whatever garbage I had imagined in my head. The chicken was a tiny bit on the stringy side, but it was still acceptable. Chicken breasts tends to do that. The cream sauce definitely made swallowing a lot easier though. On the flavour side, both chicken and the vegetables were seasoned with the same things, and also drizzled with the same cream sauce. The genius thing about it was that the contrast in this dish did not lie in the flavour but the texture: the chewy chicken (a bit stringy though) and the soft vegetables. The vegetables were a nice break from the chicken and vice versa.

Image Hosted by
There’s really not much to write about the cheesecake. It was the “safe” option for a dessert. Nothing can really go wrong with a cheesecake, but at the same time, it was nothing special. The swirls were nice. The way they put the fork was a bad idea because some of the fudge got onto the fork. It was good?

Okay, I’ll stop squeezing out more things to write about a plain cheesecake.

Besides eating like I was sitting in an oven, everything else was good. Valens definitely went for the “safe” route on their food, and it worked. This place deserves a 7.5/10.

And this concludes the Winterlicious of this season! Stay tuned for my Vancouver dining experiences that I may or may not have had with Shiinamint!

Until next dine,


2 thoughts on “Valens – Winterlicious, the full on experience

  1. Hehehe. Hello! There’s no excuse for dry chicken or turkey! It’s really easy to prevent through a marinade or brine, or good salting (pat it off before cooking). Why no word/pictures on your dining partners’ meals, btw? Looking forward to more. =D

    • Overcook is usually the cause of dryness in meats, so no amount of marinade will help if it’s still overcooked.

      The reason why I didn’t include the food that other people ate is because I didn’t eat them. I can’t possibly critic on something I didn’t eat, but I will try to take pictures of them for your view pleasure in the future. I still won’t be commenting on them though.

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