Brassaii – Winterlicious, the full on experience

Aaaaand I’m back!

It’s another instalment of prolonged Winterlicious review! Don’t worry, I only have 2 more Winterlicious (including this one). Hopefully my backlog will be shrinking as I post more…

Before I get started on this post, the lighting in the restaurant was very limited, and I refuse to use flash. Some pictures are quite dark, and I do apologize for that.

Tonight’s dining took place in Brassaii. The outside looks very much like a sacrificial chamber like one I would find in Skyrim. I mean… it’s very pretty :D. In all seriousness, Brassaii was a bit difficult to locate because it is in a deserted alleyway. The snow blowing into our face doesn’t help, either, but we managed to find it regardless. Brassaii is on 461 King St W Toronto, ON M5V 1K4.

My friend and I got there 45 minutes before our reservation, before the kitchen even opened, so they seated us in the lounge area. The server gave us the alcohol menu, and, to quote my friend, “The alcohol menu was like The Bible”. It was overly thick. Also out of my price range… good thing I was here for Winterlicious.

$800 Champagne. Something a poor student can never afford.

Their menu was two pieces of paper clipped onto a wooden clip board (Note: It’s probably the temporary menu for Winterlicious). Quite the size difference when compared to the alcohol menu. Under the recommendation of our server, my friend and I decided to get an order of fries to munch on while waiting for the others to come. That server really knows his stuff. The fries were very delightful. It was very heavily seasoned, which is what I like my fries to be. For those who doesn’t like heavily seasoned fries, there are light mayo/butter (I don’t quite remember what exactly it was) to soften the flavour. They also did not peel the potate skin, which adds an extra texture making the fries even more enjoyable.

I tried with the lighting (Gold Star).

The appetizer choices.

I got the butternut squash soup for appetizer. The soup had a good consistency; it wasn’t too thick. The sour cream, bacon, and chives enhanced the experience of the soup by introducing more subtle flavours. The croutons added the well needed texture.

The entrée choices.

For entrée, I got the Atlantic Cod. The cod was advertised as bacon crusted, but it was anything but that. It was more cod with bacon crumbles on top. The shallot confit was good, but I wish it was pour on top of the cod and not on the bottom. I know they did this for presentation reasons, but it also needs to be easy to consume. I could not eat the cod with the confit without making my plate look like a toilet explosion. The dish was really good though. The fish was cooked just right (even if it’s not bacon crusted). The confit complemented the fish very though (even if it’s difficult to eat). The only problem i had with this dish was that it became too much in the end, and I don’t mean the amount of food. This dish had so many different flavours trying to overpower each other that towards the end, I was a bit sick from eating it. The toilet explosion was not the only explosion this dish had if you know what I mean… :D?

The dessert choices.

After what soon became an endless struggle to finish the entrée, I was more than ready to have a bit of the refreshing dessert. After all, that’s what desserts are for! I got the strudel because cream cheese. Also because I cannot make strudels. It was a very delicate dessert as the flakes crumples at the slightest touch. It was quite long ago, I don’t remember every detail of this dessert, but I do remember enjoying it. That means something, right?

Well, that’s all I got for Brassaii. The service was top-notch and the food were also nothing short of that. It made this experience wonderful, and I would not mind going back (when I’m rich) to see what else they have. I give this restaurant an 8.5/10.

I have a lot more entries to catch up on, so expect an update fairly soon.

Until next dine,


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