Bodega – Winterlicious, the full on experience

It’s restaurant review time, live from an airplane; this is one of the three entries I’ve been meaning to write. On Feb 3, I went to a restaurant called Bodega for lunch as part of the WInterlicious event. Bodega is an French bistro located at 30 Baldwin Street Toronto, ON M5T 1L3. The reservation was for 4 people at 12:30, but somehow, everyone was late. I feel really bad for being late, but the bus was 40 minutes late… I also live 1.5 hours away from the restaurant, so there really isn’t anything I could do.

Anyways, the exterior of the restaurant looked small, but nice. One could tell by looking at the exterior that this restaurant has class. It was small but packed, which usually means good. I found my friend and sat down without getting greeted by anybody. Nobody even came to pour me a glass of water until one other friend showed up. That was another 10 minutes later. Now, I know I shouldn’t complain since I was the one at fault, but I am still a paying customer!

I’ve had a really hard time deciding what to get because everything (almost) on the menu looks so tasty.

I got the soup of the day, which was carrot and sweet potato. It looks very plain and tasteless, but it’s quite the opposite. It was a thick and rich soup with this savoury taste. I could taste both the sweet potato and the carrot, but none of them overpowers the other. It was a good balance, and a very fitting appetizer. I would not recommend this for anyone who doesn’t like either carrot or sweet potato though.

The Flat Iron Steak was my favourite out of the three course meal. The plating was simple, but colourful. I’m pretty sure the fries were deep fried in butter instead of the usual oil because the fries was very buttery. It was also cut to a good thickness so the whole fries had a consistent texture. The steak (cooked to medium rare) was perfect. Red centre with a bit of blood still. It was very juicy and tender. The shallot buttered onions was a great addition to the very well seasoned steak. The contrast of sweet and salty flavours made quite a statement in my mouth, refreshing until the very last bite.

The bread pudding was… severely underwhelming. It was nothing like the bread pudding I was used to. The ones I was more used to is when the bread are cut into chunks and put into a bowl. The flavouring (chocolate, fruits, syrups) are then pour into the bowl and put into the oven. This bread pudding just lacks everything.The bread was hard and bulky and the Crème Anglaise was mediocre. Eating this piece of blueberry bread was quite difficult, and not worth the effort at all.

I had a good time eating at Bodega. Food was pleasing to the eyes and the mouth. It was just the dessert I had a problem with, but the appetizer and the entrée made up for that. Service was slower than it should’ve been, but it was quite busy that day. That being said, I did enjoy the food, but it wasn’t anything mind blowing. I can only give this place a 7/10.

Until next dine,


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