Nan Chuu Izakaya – Japanese drinks meet Ramen

Just a place I feel like sharing.

The place is called Nan chuu. It’s a Japanese izakaya, but recently (no idea when actually) G-men (a ramen restaurant owned by the same company) joined them. Since I loved the ramen at G-men and Nan chuu’s food and drinks, this marriage was one I approved of greatly.

Click here for the location and other possibly helpful information.

Having been on an exchange to Japan last year, I got the opportunity to taste authentic Japanese ramen. The year before that, I also worked at a (not-so-authentic or tasty) ramen restaurant. Anyways, my point is, the ramen at Nan chuy/G-men is really good and made me feel like I was still in Japan.

(Skip next TWO paragraphs if you don’t wish to read about my opinion on ramen and ramen in Vancouver, haha. )

Santouka is good, but there is always a long line-up and their soup is too thick for my taste (and I find it rather overpriced). If I were in downtown, I’d go for Motomachi Shokudou. Their ramen’s soup is complex and delicious. Kingtaro is really popular, but I tried it and really disliked their ramen. I did not enjoy the noodles and the soup.. there was no depth. I have also been to Ramen Jinya; the service was good but their ramen was just average.

Ramen does not have to taste authentic to be good, but their soup must have depth, like someone spent a whole day making the perfect broth just for your bowl. The noodles have to have the perfect texture and thickness (depending on the kind of ramen you’d like to serve and soup thickness). While toppings and noodles could be forgiven if they were so-so, but the soup is everything. If it’s not delicious enough, the toppings and noodles mean nothing.

Now on to FOOD.
Here are just some pictures I took during the many times I went.
I can’t find the pictures of other izakaya foods I’ve ordered but I assure you that they were really delicious. This is why this entry is so ramen-based, haha.


Can’t go to an izakaya and not drink! The left greenish drink was called the Riddler. Um, don’t order it. Mint and calpis might sound as cool as the drink’s name, but it tastes like mouthwash. That’s saying a lot because I love mint and mint-flavoured things. On the right is a Kamikaze. Delicious and refreshing. I don’t remember what’s in it.. ginger ale and something. I always order this when I can.


Their tantan (dandan) noodles.


Shio ramen.
A tad bit too oily for my taste, but gosh was the soup good. Should of asked for less oily.

By the way, you can always as for “harder/softer noodles” or “less salty” or “less oily” at true ramen places. Just tell the server when you order. In Japan, some places even give you forms to fill out so they can make the ramen just right for you.


Mmm.. gyozas. I never get to though, haha. Gyoza at Nan chuu is alright, not the best, I’m a gyoza monster and I eat gyoza like rice. I recommend ordering something else besides this. Lots of other side dishes to choose from on the menu.

Delicious food. Good drinking/eating atmosphere. Service is alright; usually depends on the server and how busy they are. I just feel very at home (Japan) every time I come here, and that’s why I keep returning even if it can get rather pricey when I order too much, haha.

Come with a friend for a casual meal, ramen, or drink. If you plan to come in a big group, reservation is HIGHLY recommended as the place is rather small.

Hard to judge this place and not be too biased but I would give this place a 9/10.

Tastefully yours,
Shiina Mint


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