Mintea’s Cafe Adventures – CANADA (Part 1)

Feeling sad that I haven’t started a food blog earlier, I realized that there would be no way I could make an entry for all the places I have already went to and commented on.

As I have said on my introduction entry,
I also keep a cafe adventure FB page. Since it’s too tough to transfer the pictures and comments over, I have decided from now on to keep the reviews for cafes there and restaurants/possible cooking review here. If I upload any albums, I will notify you with a post. If there was a REALLY special cafe experience, I will write a detailed entry here.

Check it out if you love cafes, tea, coffee, and sweets!

I have recently just added the Canada-edition of my cafe adventures. (Most of the other albums were dedicated to Japan and Taiwan.) Really wish more people got to see it and go on cafe adventures too! Part two of the album is on it’s way.

Here’s a peek from some of my tasty encounters:

Can you guess the places I went to? (Some are extra obvious, hehe!)








Tastefully yours,
Shiina Mint


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