More just came.

Hey everyone,

This blog, The Legend of Food, is becoming a joint blog, with me being the second blogger!
Don’t worry, the main course will still be dedicated mostly to reviewing (hopefully) tasty food, with some humour on the side.

I am Shiina Mint. You can call me Shiina, Minty, or whatever may suit your fancy. I love eating, collecting teacups, and travelling. I am especially obsessed with tea, going to cafes, and having extravagant afternoon teas :D Daniel is my best guy friend, and we met during high school.
While we both love food, we specialize and focus on different things – this you’ll find out as our blog progresses, hehe.

I judge a place by 3 things:
1) Ambiance/Service
2) Interior/Tea cups/Utensils
3) Food

For cafes, I will care much more about the ambiance and interior than I would for restaurants. For restaurants, I tend to focus more on the food. If I omit anything, it is probably because there is not much about it to mention. 

This is for fun, but we’re serious with food, so I hope you’ll enjoy reading our entries :D

This is all for now! Got a midterm tomorrow, haha.
Wish me luck!

P.S. Check out my cafe adventures on my Facebook page called Mintea’s Cafe Adventures if you’d like!
(Not sure how I’ll keep up with both, but we’ll see :) )


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