Café La Gaffe – Winterlicious, the full on experience

Back with another Winterlicious post! This time, I went to a restaurant called Café La Gaffe. Café La Gaffe is located at 24 Baldwin Street, Toronto, Ontario M5T 1L2

At first glance, it doesn’t look so bad. Kind of looks like a small family run restaurant, and I like those kind of places. The servers greeted us with a smile and we sat down at our desirable seat. Not very long after we settled down, they served us water with lemon slices. Everything seemed nice, but where’s the menu? Just as I was about to question them, they told us that the winterlicious menu is being printed right now. Fresh off the grill… I mean printer. We did come right at 5pm, which I believe was the start of dinner for them, so it was forgivable. Actually, I find it nice that they reprint menus every day, so it doesn’t get crumpled up after uses.

Though this restaurant doesn’t have the fine dining feel like EDO does, but it’s homely. Well, that’s what I thought…

For appetizer, I got the lentil soup. I can hardly call it a soup… because it’s really just mouthful of lentils after lentils after mentos… I mean lentils. Then there are the occasional carrot chunks that are all different sizes. I was kind of too occupied (trying to endure the endless lentils) to remember what the broth was like, but I do vaguely recall enjoying the first few bites.

I used flash in this picture (normally, I’d stay away from flash) because I wanted to show the amount of lentils in the soup.

I had such high hopes for the restaurant, so I’ve decided to take my chances and ordered the seafood pasta for my main course. Reason why ordering seafood is risky: cooking seafood to perfection is not an easy task. Okay, let me rephrase that: cooking certain seafood to perfection is not an easy task. One of them being scallop. Since we’re on the topic of scallop, let us start with that. The scallop was stringy, which happens when one overcooks scallops. Blah. The black tiger shrimp tasted old and plasticky due to being overcooked. One top of that, I only got ONE shrimp. :( Now, I don’t blame them for screwing up the scallops, since most restaurants of this level cannot do it properly anyways, but to overcook shrimp… that takes some degree of skills… hahaha…. The fettuccine and the presto cream sauce were just what I expected; they did their jobs, but nothing extra.

Gâteau Créole was my dessert of choice; I would’ve chosen Crème Brûlée, but I decided against it because I could make it at home. Before I get into the details, have a picture comparison between what I got and what my friend got.

Presentation is a big, BIG part of dessert, more so than any other course. A restaurant can either be consistent with the dessert decoration, or create a new masterpiece for every dessert served. This Gâteau Créole, however, failed to do any of that. My point is that the plating was sloppy and inconsistent. The dessert itself had so much potential, but somehow the bananas were crunchy (kind of like biting a piece of sliced almond). It was also too fragile, crumpled into pieces when I cut into it. It was a very difficult battle to eat it with a fork. It would be a lot better if the dessert was served in a bowl, with a spoon. That would also solve the presentation problem (in a way).

Café La Gaffe was a big let down. Service was top-notch, but the food was underwhelming. I can only give this place a 4/10.

Until next time,


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