More to come.

Hi all,

This is hopefully the start of something yummy (and fun?). I guess some introduction is needed here.

My name is Daniel. I love food, video games, and traveling. This blog is mostly dedicated to reviewing tasty (hopefully? :D) food that I will eat, so I’d like to take a moment to go over how I will be reviewing the dishes that I put into my mouth. NOM

They will be categorized into 3 sections: Restaurant, Homemade, and Fast food. What I considered fast food is place that I do not need to sit down and wait for my food to get served to me. Some not so obvious examples are Harvey’s and Chipotle.

I hope you can see by now that this blog will be quite casual, so if you’re looking for professional bloggers, you’ve come to the wrong place. NOW GET OUT! (just kidding :D)

Well, I guess that is all for now! I hope you stick around!


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